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(Gluten Free available where marked)

Famous Walleye Fingers

Our wild caught Walleye is hand-cut and tossed in

a seasoned breading, fried golden brown and

served with dill-caper tartar sauce 11.95


Gluek Poutine

Seasoned fries topped with Wisconsin cheese

curds, slow cooked corned beef, diced dill pickles

and sauerkraut smothered in hausemade gravy 11.95


Wisconsin Curds

Nothing else....classic white cheddar curds lightly

breaded & fried golden served with buttermilk ranch 9.95


              GIANT Pickle (GF Available)

State fair style GIANT kosher dill pickle.

Served right here at Gluek’s!! 2


Queso Blanco

Hausmade white queso with a kick, fresh jalapeno

to garnish and served with tri-colored

tortilla chips to dip. 9.95


Mediterranean Plate (GF Available)

Traditional hummus and feisty feta cheese spread

accompanied by Kalamata olives, red onion,

cucumber & grape tomatoes.

Served with warm pita bread 11.95


Four Sausage Sampler (GF Available)

Assorted grilled bratwurst accompanied by sliced

artisan cheeses & crackers, baguette and our zesty

stone ground mustard 13.95


Haus Wings

Nearly 2 lbs of fried chicken wings, fresh carrots &

celery and your choice of buttermilk ranch or bleu

cheese dressing. Choose from our Buffalo sauce,

sweet German mustard sauce or Supa haus dry rub



Fried Pickles

Classic dill pickle spears breaded with a hint of

Cajun spice & fried. Served with buttermilk ranch 7.95


Bavarian Pretzels

Served hot from the oven with a

side of Gluek beer cheese soup

and honey mustard

GIANT Pretzel 14.95 Pretzel Sticks 7.95


Choose from the following: Classic Brat, Polish Sausage, Andouille Sausage, Jalapeño Bacon & Cream Cheese Brat or Cheddarwurst

           Grilled Bratwurst (GF Available)

Your choice of grilled bratwurst or sausage in a bun served with cole slaw or haus fried kettle chips.

Sauerkraut & raw or grilled onions available for free


                 Currywurst (GF Available)

A Berlin Favorite! Once a street food, now a staple. Hausmade Bavarian spicy red curry sauce served

over a grilled classic bratwurst & fries to soak up the flavors! 9.95

         Sausage Party (GF Available)

Your choice of two grilled bratwursts or sausages served on a bed of sauerkraut & our hot German

potato salad. Zesty stone ground mustard on the side 14.95


Served with your choice of our cole slaw or haus fried kettle chips. Substitute seasoned french fries or our

hot German potato salad for $1. Gluek's seasoned sour cream available for fries .85

             Famous Walleye Sandwich (GF Available)

The best in town! Wild caught Walleye fillet, grilled

or hand dipped in our Gluek Pilsener beer batter,

served on a hoagie roll with dill-caper tartar sauce

on the side 14.95


Baron von Stub

It’s a Reuben! Slow cooked corned beef, Swiss

cheese and sauerkraut grilled on marble rye with

Thousand Island dressing on the side 12.50


Gluek Mac & Cheese

German spaetzle tossed in a creamy four-cheese

sauce. Served with fresh bread + butter 12.50

Side dish not included

Add a grilled chicken breast or grilled sausage from

our list above for $4


         Bismarck (GF Available)

A classic brat butterflied on a toasted pretzel stick,

our zesty stone ground mustard, sauerkraut & Swiss

cheese baked and served open faced 12.95



This open-faced sandwich has been a Gluek

specialty since 1979! Our hearty pot roast and

marinated mushrooms baked on sourdough bread

with sour cream and melted Swiss

cheese 13.50

Beef Stroganoff

Made with beef tenderloin tips, mushrooms and

hausmade gravy. Served over egg noodles, a dollop

of sour cream and fresh bread + butter 13.50

 Side dish not included


Haus BLT

Our twist on a classic. Applewood-smoked bacon,

Lettuce, Tomato, Gouda cheese, haus pickled

cucumbers & balsamic aioli on toasted whole wheat

bread 10.95


Walleye Fish n’ Chips

Hand-dipped wild caught Walleye in our Gluek

Pilsener beer batter & served over a mound of

french fries. Cole slaw and dill-caper tartar sauce

on the side 13.95


Schweineschnitzle Spaetzle

Premium center cut pork loin tenderized and

encrusted with seasoned marble rye bread crumbs.

Fried an topped with a classic German style cream

sauce & fresh scallions served over buttered spaetzle

with fresh bread + butter 14.95

Side dish not included


Grilled Chicken Sandwich

A grilled chicken breast served on a Kaiser roll with

lettuce & tomato. Top with BBQ, cheddar, bacon &

fried onion straws / Buffalo sauce, pepperjack

cheese & bleu cheese dressing on the side or

Swiss & sauteed mushrooms 12.95


German Pork Schnitzel Sandwich

Premium center cut pork loin tenderized and

encrusted with seasoned marble rye bread crumbs

and fried. Topped with sauerkraut & garlic aioli on a

Kaiser roll 13.50


French Dip & Swiss

Our hearty pot roast & melted Swiss cheese served in

a hoagie with a side of au jus 12.95

Add sautéed onions and/or mushrooms for $1


All burgers served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, Kosher dill pickle chips and your choice of our cole slaw or haus fried kettle chips. Substitute seasoned french fries or our hot German potato salad for $1

Gluek's seasoned sour cream available for fries .85

          Can-Am* (GF Available)

A half-pound grilled Angus burger topped with sharp cheddar and Applewood-smoked bacon 12.50


              Black & Bleu* (GF Available)

A half-pound grilled Angus burger with spicy Cajun seasoning, covered with bleu cheese crumble 12.50


Gluek Sliders*

3 mini Angus burgers, one of each; Can-Am, Swiss & mushrooms and Black 'n Bleu 11.50








*Consuming raw or under cooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellsh or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Walnut Burger*

A savory hausmade ground vegetarian walnut burger topped with provolone cheese, sweet red onions and garlic aioli on the side 11.95


Sriracha Burger*

A half-pound grilled Angus burger, pepper jack cheese, hand battered onion rings, field greens & Sriracha


Gluek Burger*

 A half-pound grilled Angus burger with dill pickle chips, slow cooked corned beef, cheese curds, sauerkraut...wait...piled with seasoned fries, smothered in beef gravy & the bun on top! 15.95

Side dish not included


         Gluek Pilsner Beer Cheese Soup

Our famous hausmade cheese blend & Gluek Pilsner beer. Served with popcorn. Cup $5 | Bowl $8


Classic Caesar (GF Available)

Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with Parmesan cheese, hausmade Caesar dressing and our fresh baked croutons. Full 10.95 | Half 7.95

Add a grilled chicken breast for $4


Spring Salad (GF Available)

Apples, toasted pecans, dried cranberries & bleu cheese crumble served over crisp romaine and finished with hausmade maple cider vinaigrette

Full 11.95 | Half 8.95

Add a grilled chicken breast for $4


Wedge Salad (GF Available)

A wedge of crisp iceberg lettuce topped with our bleu cheese dressing, bacon bits, grape tomatoes

and sweet red onions 10.95

Add a grilled chicken breast for $4


 Beet Salad (GF Available)

Fresh organic field greens tossed in a white balsamic vinaigrette and topped with chilled roasted beets, peppercorn chevre and toasted pecans. Served

with fresh bread + butter. Full 11.95 | Half 8.95




Hand dipped Gluek Pilsener Beer battered Cod, seasoned fries, hushpuppies,

cole slaw & dill-caper tatar sauce 14.95

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German Chocolate Cake

Sweet German Chocolate cake layered with our classic

pecan-coconut icing $7


Bavarian Apple Strudel

Served warm from the oven with vanilla bean ice cream and

drizzled caramel sauce (takes about 8 minutes) $7


Mud Pie

Layers of Oreo cookie, ice cream, sundae fudge, whipped cream and

yes, more Oreo's...frozen and ready to serve! $7


Gluek's Mini Donuts

A dozen fried mini donuts tossed in cinnamon & sugar, State Fair style


Not Your Father’s Rootbeer Float / 5.6% abv.

Adult's Only! A unique ale with a silky, smooth root beer spice served

in a frosty tin over our vanilla bean ice cream $10