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The origin of Gluek´s Bar & Restaurant can be traced back to 1855, when brewer Gottlieb Gluek arrived in Minneapolis from his native Germany. By 1857, he established the Mississippi Brewery at Marshall and 22nd Street NE, and later changed the name to the Gluek Brewing Company. As Minneapolis grew, so did the brewery, producing a variety of beers including Gluek’s Beer, Glix Beer, Gluek’s Stite, and Pioneer Beer

The Gluek Building, designed by the architectural firm Boehme and Cordella, was built in 1902 in the Minneapolis Warehouse District on Sixth Street between Hennepin and First Avenue North. The facade received national awards for its terra cotta detailing.

Early interior of Gluek's Restaurant and Bar.

In 1933, as Prohibition ended, the business was sold to its current owners and reopened as Fransen’s. It served as a working man’s bar through the 1970’s, when it was renamed Gluek’s. A 1979 renovation of the interior and exterior restored the building to its original design.

Tragically, just a decade later, much more extensive restoration would be required. In April 1989, a massive fire completely gutted the interior, claiming the lives of three tenants living upstairs. After nearly 90 years of service, a charred brick shell was all that remained of one of Minneapolis’ oldest and most recognized restaurants.

The decision to rebuild was immediate. Construction proceeded with the intention to recreate as closely as possible the distinctive Bavarian beer hall design, including the floor plan, detailed woodwork, stained glass, and famous vaulted ceilings. The exterior was restored by November 1989 and the interior renovated in time for a February 1, 1990 reopening.

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The past decade has been a period of rebirth for Gluek’s Bar & Restaurant. While the bar remains as popular as ever, the restaurant is emerging as one of the most comfortable and satisfying dining experiences in the Warehouse District. Our special blend of history, culture, and contemporary spirit has made Gluek’s a choice meeting place for generations.